- Building a relationship between characters
- Creating an absorbing atmosphere through art style, audio, gameplay and story
- Creating an enjoyable game through the use of emotional rewards rather than points and collectables

The rewards should be something another character feels and expresses as a result of your actions. Rather than collecting a star or adding a scope to your gun you've cheered up a friend and strengthened a relationship and your emotional connection to that character.

- The player thought of a nice gesture and it helped improve the situation and relationship
- The hug that your character receives as a result of thinking about another characters well being
- They become more than just a tool to pass the level and you begin to care and rely on them to succeed.

'The Heart and the Bottle' - 'Lost and Found' - 'How to Catch a Star' - Oliver Jeffers
'My Neighbour Totoro' - 'Ponyo' - Studio Ghibli
'Shadow of the Colossus' - 'ICO' - Team ICO
'Up' - Pixar
'Where the Wild Things Are' - Maurice Sendak